Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Film Sense & Nonsense

cerapan dari buku:
Screenplay: Writing the Picture (Paperback) by Robin U. Russin (Author), William M. Downs (Author) - ms.12

There are things film can and cannot do. It can show us things and make us hear things: the environment, characters acting or reacting to it or each other. Film can show us planets colliding or the nervous tick of an eyelid. It can roar with the big guns of war or whisper with a lover's voice. But it cannot give us a character's internal state, past history, or future dreams, unless those things are externalized in a visual manner. Internal moods, smells, tastes, attitudes must be described in such a way that a director can direct them, an actor can act them, a cinematographer can photograph them, or a sound person can record them. If you can't see it or hear it, or an actor can't play it, don't write it! Writers with film sense take the reader on a journey not primarily of words, but of images. Readers are looking for scripts that allow them to see the movie.

p/s: bagaimana pula kalau kamu mahu menulis skrip spt filem APA KATA HATI? yg byk menggunakan babak watak Elly 'mendengar suara hati' lelaki???

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