Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad pernah berkata..

I feel violence is more effective when it happens in the viewer's mind instead of on the screen. - Yasmin Ahmad, 23 July 2007

I myself try to put across feelings without words as much as I can. Sometimes words are necessary, of course, simply because words exist and humans talk! But sometimes ..sometimes just a silent action can be more powerful. - Yasmin Ahmad, 13 Oct 2006

The final scene of RABUN also wraps up what happened at the beginning of the film. At the beginning you could hear people's voices but you couldn't see them, but at the end it's the opposite. I wanted to say Why can't we just play like children where the fights, although frequent, are never serious - Yasmin Ahmad (via sms) 22 Oct 2006

It's amazing, isn't it? People can say what they like, and try to sound authoritative by quoting from many sources, but if the nawaitu is black and arrogant, it shows through loud and clear. You just can't hide it. Allah is great! - Yasmin Ahmad (via sms) 24 Oct 2006, 12.23am

i myself think i'm so bodoh that i usually don't bother to interpret anything in a film. i just look for aspects of humanity which may mirror me in an honest way. in short, i just sit back and dengar cerita. kalau nangis, nangis lah. kalau ketawa, ketawa lah. i watch films like a child would. i don't care how much subtext or semiotics or dramatic ironies or whatever the filmmaker put into his shot, if he failed to move me, he failed. - Yasmin Ahmad, 8 Oct 2006